Friday, July 1, 2011

Highlights of My Week So Far

Well, I have had a very full week.  In addition to teaching all my students and working at Elmcroft, I added a few more activities to my busy schedule.   On Wednesday, I sang at a local assisted living home that I sing at every month.  I sang about 16 songs for about an hour and loved doing it.  Then, yesterday, my boss (who plays the drums), a chef from our kitchen (who plays the sax) and I (who plays the keyboards) did a concert at our local Senior Center for over 100 people.  We play jazz mostly, but have a couple of very upbeat songs headed by our sax player.  He is just a young guy and is so good at improv.  I wish you could hear him.

Last week, I made a quick trip to Navarre, Florida and hung out there with my daughter and sweet grandson.  We mostly collected shells the whole time we were there.  I came home and created a little journal with some of the shells that I collected and posted it on Etsy.  So fun!!  

Well, I am really tired out now and hope for a nice weekend.  On Sunday, our Praise Team is singing a Patriotic Package.  Can't wait!


Joansie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Your line of work is all new to me and im glad to follow you! x

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