Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Stylin'

I wanted to share with you my beautiful cast that my artistic daughter designed. Every time I look at it, I smile. And everywhere I go, it definitely gets attention! Being a crafter, I had all my supplies on hand for this creation. I think my daughter could have a second income if there were some way to advertise this. If you have any advertising suggestions, please let me know. This took her about 1-1/2 hours and the supplies were rhinestones and glitter glue. I think Im going to frame this somehow when it comes off. It won't be too old and gross since I will be having surgery within the next week. What an original piece of art!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where There's A Will . . . .

Well, I have accomplished something! Here is a picture of my first one-handed tatted flower. I did cheat a little--I used my teeth to hold the thread tight. Oh, yes, you can see my fashionable cast, too. My artistic daughter is in the process of designing my one-of-a-kind cast. She is not done yet. When she is, I will definitely post a picture.

Actually, there will be two casts. I found out Thursday that I will have surgery this next week to add a metal plate in my wrist. I smashed all the bones much like Humpty Dumpty--so my doctor says. I told him that I was supposed to go on vacation in a week. He then said, "Do you want to be able to use your arm again, or do you want to go on vacation?" I guess you know my response.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trying To Get Inspired

Well, today I get my arm put in a cast. It's been a very frustrating week. All your kind comments have boosted my spirit, and I thank you for that. It has almost been a week since I broke it and because it's a workmen's comp claim, everything has been dragged out. I can't tell you how many phone calls I have made just to try to get into see a doctor! I just keep saying, "I just want to go back to work." I would think that's what they want me to do, too.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get my inspiration going by reading everyone's wonderful blogs. Now, I need to DO something. These are a couple of paintings I have done in the past. I know they're kind of different. I just loved painting all the shadows in the garden post sconce painting. The roses are done in watercolor, and I don't like that medium so much. So, I'll probably paint something in oils. Anyway, hopefully, I'll get started this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and be safe!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Need Therapy!

Bad news! There will be no tatting--or crafts of any kind--for me for awhile. I broke my wrist in three places last week while at work! I am so depressed. I've got to come up with some way to tat. That's my therapy! Now, I have no therapy. One positive note, though--I broke my right wrist and I am lefthanded. So, there is something good in all this.

P.S. This is another one of my daughter's pictures. They always cheer me up.

The Giveaway I Won!

Yes, I not only gave something away, but I also won a wonderful Giveaway! I took a picture of all three--yes, three--items here and they are so beautiful. The blog I signed up on is
and she will give something away every month. So, please check her out! Everything is blue, which is my favorite color. The cone shaped beauty is a pin cushion. There is also a hatpin and a little oval box. And the box is lined inside with music, which I love, as you know. So, be sure to visit her blog--I know you will love it!

Monday, May 24, 2010



Thank you all for signing up for my first giveaway. I am going to try to have a Giveaway every month, so please check back with me. I have made some new friends with this first one and I thank you for joining my first one!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Giveaway!!

It's a great day for me! I made my reservations to go visit my dad and family in Maine today. I have been checking the airline ticket prices for the past two weeks and, finally, they had a decent price today. I had almost talked myself into taking a shuttle to Atlanta and flying out of there, but that is a lot more trouble than just getting on a plane here in Chattanooga. So, everything has worked out so far. And, to celebrate, I would like to offer my first giveaway!! The item is a little heart I have made out of felt and I sewed little light pink rosebuds on it and added the word "Love" on the bottom, along with a pretty silk bow. It can be used as a pincushion or just hung on a knob. So, this is yours if I draw your name. And you are welcome to become one of my "followers" if you would like. I will give everyone until May 23rd to send me a comment and then I will draw someone's name from the list.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Into Pink

Okay, well, I'm hooked on pink and pastels right now. I think they look so soft and feminine. One of my friends has ordered two square boxes from me and she is going to buy a set of pearls for both her granddaughters and place them in the boxes. I thought that was pretty unique. The box that I have pictured here reminds me of a cupcake. Yum!

I had a great day at Elmcroft. This was my short day--worked only 4 hours. I like those kinds of days. It was really tough, though. I went in at 11:00 a.m., got 7 of the residents together to go out to lunch, hopped on our bus and went to Beef O'Brady's for lunch. Then, when we got back, we had a birthday party for everyone who had a birthday in May. We celebrate with a beautifully decorated cake from our local grocery store, complete with cream cheese frosting. And we top everything off by drinking Crystal Light punch. Makes sense to me! You can definitely see why I love my job. It's not always that much fun--just about 95% of it. I would recommend this job to anyone who likes to party plan and who has a talent or two. Wish I would or could have done this many, many years ago. Until next time . . . . . .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday's Activities

Well, now, for another day off--sort of. I do have to teach piano to 2 students this afternoon, but the rest of the day is mine. I need to tackle this house cleaning one of these days. We had wood floors put in about 6 weeks ago, and I just love them! They are so easy to keep clean and no more cleaning carpets every time there is a spill. Eventually, we'll get the whole house done--but it is kind of expensive.

Yesterday, I had another good day at Elmcroft. I love the seniors I work with and try to keep them very busy all day. I don't get everyone to come to the activities, but I have a good core group who likes to keep busy. We are working on our virtual cruise to Hawaii in July and making the decorations for it. We can't go there, but we can imitate the things one would do on a cruise, and that's fun! Martha Stewart is coming in handy because I'm using lots of her decorating ideas for this week of cruise doings. We made some of her puffy big tissue paper flowers yesterday in all kinds of bright colors. I need to get a picture to show you all. In the meantime, I'm trying to add to my stockpile of craft show products. Here's another picture of what I am doing. It's a little tatted pouch that I fill with the lavender potpourri that I have in the little bag. They are fun to make.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have had a full musical week! I taught piano and voice all week, and sang at Elmcroft for the residents. I love to sing and play for them. They so appreciate it and just don't get to hear music unless I either make music or bring in musicians for them. They don't play the radio or have many CD's. We play music over the intercom for them during the day for atmosphere, but there's nothing like live music. On Friday, we had a "Wine Down Friday" gathering where I played the keyboards while people from outside came to mingle and visit. That went on for two hours. Then, on Saturday, we had our Spring Recital with 37 students involved. That was a big production but went very well. I had 5 students involved in that. Two of them were adults who had never performed in public, so it was a special and scary time for them. One played the piano and the other sang. They did just great! And I'm so glad they took the big step. Now, the next time, it will be easier Then, on Sunday, I had to sing a solo in two services at church. Our "band" learned the song ahead of time, so they played for me instead of my using a backing track. I enjoyed that so much more! They were wonderful to sing with.

However, I did manage to work a little on my crafts and made another pincushion, or "pinkeep" which is the new trendy word for "pincushion." So, now on to another week. God is Good!

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