Monday, March 12, 2012

Tatted Bridal Bracelet

Oooh, I have sold another one of my cuff bracelets to a bride-to-be!  This is just too much fun!  She sent me a picture of her total bridal outfit and she had a dilema.  Her accessories were all shades of lace and they didn't blend together at all.  So she saw my bracelet and it seemed to have all the shades of lace that were in her clothes.  And my bracelet had many shades of lace to pull them all together.  So, I think it will work very well for her.  This is working very well for me.

Tatted Ribbon Bracelets

I got my first order from a bride-to-be!  She wanted me to make bright yellow bracelets for her bridesmaids and an off-white tatted bracelet for her.  So, I went to work and made them all.  It was fun thinking about how they would look on everyone, along with their beautiful dresses.  I have been the soloist for many weddings, and they are always a happy occasion--so I had the same feeling as I tatted these bracelets.  I hope I can do more in the future for bridal parties.  I have sold quite a few bracelets on Etsy because it seems that lace is the "in" thing right now.   I have also included a picture of one in light pink with crystals added.  I stiffened the yellow bracelets, but the pink one is not stiffened.  They both work on the wrist since they are tied together with the satin ribbon.  

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