Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lavender Sachet & Etsy

So, I was home by myself on Saturday and didn't even go anywhere! That's because every time I leave the house, I spend money. Is that true for you? I figured if I just stayed home, there are a million things that can keep me busy, but what I chose to do primarily was surfing all my great blogs (and some new ones) and doing some tatting.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some lavender off Etsy, along with some muslin bags, and decided to add some tatting to the little muslin bag. I love being on Etsy--I make a little money that I can spend on other people's Etsy sites and I'm happy. I've found some real treasures on Etsy. Maybe sometime, I'll take pictures of what I have ordered on Etsy. I've ordered everything from glitter to jewelry findings to paper crafts and my latest purchase, the lavender. Oh yes, I've even ordered loose tea which is very good. So, now I have given some free advertising to Etsy--I hope they appreciate that. I added 3 pictures here because I like seeing what my projects look on different backgrounds. The lavender almost gives the bag a light green tint, and I like that.

So, I added my little tatted muslin sachet to my Etsy and we'll see if it sells. If it doesn't, I still enjoyed the process of making it and can always give it away to a friend or family. I added 3 pictures here because I like seeing what my projects look on different backgrounds. The lavender almost gives the bag a light green tint, and I like that. Oh yes, I also ordered that pretty dyed pink silk ribbon off Etsy. I have found beautiful silk ribbons of every color!

Hope you have a good week creating!

Friday, March 26, 2010

More Hearts

I have spent the whole morning on the computer because I am getting my wood flooring installed throughout the house and really can't do much else. That's okay because I could really spend all my waking hours on the computer looking at lovely blogs. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy looking at other creative blogs. I should be working on my tatting and other things that I do, but just can't get off here. I did add two more hearts to my Etsy site, so I did really accomplish something today. The weather is finally warming up here so I can be outside with my grandson more. We like to be outside--until about June, when it starts getting hot.

I'm getting more students for piano and voice these days, which is good. Our studio is moving to another more convenient and visible location starting next week, so that should help get even more students. I have one new student who is 70 years old and says that learning to play the piano is on her "bucket list." She looks and acts much younger--I'd say around 55-60. She still works full time, too! Wow, I am really impressed with her. And she is enjoying piano so much--I enjoy it right along with her. I have 4 adults taking piano right now. It's never too late to learn something new and piano-playing is such an enjoyable hobby. You should try it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm into Hearts!

Well, now I'm making little hearts with tatting added. I just liked the look of this combination and low and behold, I sold one on Etsy one day after I listed it! So, I take it that I should start making more.

I'm so happy that my daffodils are finally starting to bloom in my yard. That means that Spring is right around the corner. Yey!! I am ready for warmer weather, and I know that you all are, too (unless you live where it's warm all the time). And now that the time has changed, it will be lighter later in the evening. I like that, too.

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