Saturday, February 14, 2009

Antique Heart

I found this antique heart at a local antique mall this week. I decided to add my tatting to it and then also add some pink silk ribbon and a pearl.

Tatted Ornaments

I have been having fun creating these little 3" ornaments. First, I make a round paper clay ornament, let it dry, then add my tatting to the ornament. I write on the back "From my hand to your's"--I got that out of a magazine and really loved the little quote.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Closeup of My Tatted Lace Heart

Here is a closeup of the tatting on my lace heart. I love all these pastel colors combined with the tatting. I was fortunate to find some beautiful pastel tatting thread at a local knitting store. It is owned by a man who loves to knit and he teaches everyone to knit when they buy his yarn. At no charge! Anyway, he had two big boxes of this thread, so I have a great source now.

My Tatted Lace Heart

I saw another wonderful blog this weekend that showed how to make these hearts out of lace and I made one today. I have so much lace, I could make hundreds of these. I loved making them and want to make more. I used silk ribbon in the bow and added my tatting in the middle. A wide piece of satin ribbon trimmed in pearls was also added around the middle of the heart just to add some sheen to the piece. The heart measures about 7 inches by 6 inches, so it is a good size. I am getting ready to go into a consignment shop and, hopefully, these will sell. I used a sewing machine to make this, but you could probably use hot glue, also. If you are interested in knowing where I found this blog with the instructions, just let me know.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Almost Finished Altered Tatting Book

I am 95% done with this book now. I was in my creativity mode for most of the weekend and finished just about every page. There are a couple of pages that need a little more embellishment. I need to start working on another book while I am feeling creative. On the cover of the book, I added a little hand crocheted heart that was done by my friend, Mary. I tucked a little "Love Note" inside to be filled out when it is given as a gift. I have more pictures of other pages that I will post tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Tatted Altered Book

This is a page out of my Tatted Altered Book. I made a page dedicated to my "Tatting Queen". I'm working on the remaining pages and will post them as I finish them.

Tatted Victorian Ornaments

Little tatted ornaments is another favorite of mine. I made some during the Holidays, but I think they can be displayed throughout the year in many different settings. I made my ornaments from air-dried clay and then attached the tatting to the clay. So fun!

My Tatted Pin

I also enjoy making these tatted pins. The victorian look is my favorite and tatting, of course, is very victorian. I use the same little framed pieces in my pins as I do in my cards.
I love making little tatted ornaments. They are not only for the holidays, but can be used anytime during the year. I made some air-dried clay ornaments and then added my tatting to them.

My Tatted Cards

I'm sorry I haven't been on here for awhile but I have continued to be creative. I am now spending time creating my tatted victorian love notes. I always try to include words on my creations if I can and found these great little framed victorian pieces that fit perfectly in the middle of my tatted medallions. I hope you like them.

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