Saturday, November 24, 2012

Busy With My Two Blogs

I haven't been a very good blogger on here lately.  The reason is, I have another blog.  I teach voice and piano and since this is one of my main sources of income, I have been concentrating more on it.  We had our Fall Recital last Saturday and I had twelve students participate.  They all did wonderfully well! I was so proud of them.

However, I have also been tatting a lot lately, too.  I wish I had the time and energy to do more craft shows, but one just can't do everything.  I cut back working at the assisted living home to one day a week and increased my music students to 28.  Physically, this is easier on my old body and I think I could continue this on into my 70's, if God wills.  Most of us cannot just retire with no other income other than our social security.  That is a pipe dream.  So I pray that The Lord will give me good health to continue on this path.  I think if my husband, Terry, and I just keep moving, that is the best for us.  Outside of some aches and pains, we have no physical hurtles to overcome so far.  We have to start exercising regularly, though to stay this way. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts about retirement and what you are doing if you are like us.  It would be interesting to hear your comments.  I hope I haven't lost all my friends and contacts because of my silence lately.  It would be great to hear from you.

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