Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Elmcroft Craft Show

Well, National Assisted Living Week is over and it ended with my craft show being over, too. We did okay for not advertising it to the outside world. It definitely was worth setting it up for everyone to enjoy and talk about. All the crafters sold a few things and made some money, so I am happy. The lady pictured beside the table is Carol, one of our very talented residents who helped me with the craft show and sold some of her beautiful photograph cards. Carol also displayed her "Dianna" doll with all her clothes. People really enjoyed looking at that!

We also ended our week with a "Memory Walk" for Alzheimer's at Chattanooga State. They asked me to sing the National Anthem and "You Raise Me Up" and I sang before about 800 people. It went well and I was honored to do it because my mom passed away this year in May and she had this terrible disease for the last five years. I guess they all liked it because they asked me to sing again at the 2010 Memory Walk. Of course, I said I would.

Hope you enjoy my pictures!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Busy Week!

We are right in the middle of National Assisted Living Week and tomorrow, we will be at the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Association. They have asked me to sing at the event, so I will be singing the National Anthem and "You Lift Me Up", plus some more selections while everyone is walking. They will release the balloons when I sing "You Lift Me Up".

I've got to take my camera today to Elmcroft to take pictures of our ongoing craft booth we have had all week. We have sold things everyday and are making a little money at the booth. The residents have enjoyed the different crafts and I even did a tatting demonstration yesterday and they were in awe (not because I was so great, but because of the beauty of the tatting). I love to hear the comments from people when I tat. Most of them have never seen it and I like to see their response when I start to produce the little lacy medallion as I tat.

It's funny - some of the people think my medallions are manufactured until I tell them that they are actually handmade. So much these days is machine produced, it is just assumed that all lace is made by a machine. Most people are not very observant - I have to actually tell them before they figure it out. I think we need to take more opportunities to demonstrate tatting. The fashion industry these days is using a lot of lace in their collections, and I think that our tatting could fit right in with everything, don't you? Today, someone even sent me an email with their little knitted hats and said that a medallion would look nice on the side of the hat. I agreed wholeheartedly and asked her if she would like to try it. I'm waiting for her response.

I'll take some pictures of the craft booth today and put them into my next post for you to see. Happy tatting, Linda

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Mini Tatted Hair Clips

Okay, so I went to Hobby Lobby and when I got home, I immediately started making little hair clips. I can't get my camera to take good shots, though. I guess you can tell sort of what they look like. I can't wait to try them on a little baby and see what they look like. I think the pink lacey ribbon one looks like it would go with one of those flouncy pageant dresses that little girls wear when they model. Anyway, I am having fun making them.

Love This Little Book Box!

Well, I bought this little book box and couldn't resist adding my tatting to it. Yet another purchase to "dress up." I'm on my way to Hobby Lobby to get some little barrettes to make for babies and little girls. I noticed many were on Etsy and they were so cute.

I have to tell you something funny! I'm still not totally educated on this blogging thing, and I was wondering why I hadn't heard from anyone--I thought I had offended some people with what I was saying--until I remembered that I was "monitoring" my comments now because of the unwanted "spam" I was getting. That went on for a few days until the light bulb went on in my head. I'm really slow sometimes. So, when I checked out my "monitored" comments, I found that I had 8 waiting for me to okay. So, now I know. . . . and I hope I remember!

Happy Tatting, Linda

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I finally changed my "Comments" section to where I can read everything before it appears on my blog. I was getting advertisements to sell flowers and other unrelated things (spam) instead of hearing from my friends. It's really sad that we have to monitor everything so much and can't just let our friends make their comments and observations. Why does everything have to get so complicated? Life is complicated enough just living it.

Oh, by the way, my grandson mentioned last night that when he grows up, he wants to be in the military and jump out of planes (horrors!), then become a cowboy, and then become a paleantologist (I can't spell that). He loves dinasaurs (can't spell that either) and knows every one by name. I'm sure all this will change, but it's fun to hear his thoughts about the future. He's so much fun!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Pink Tree!

Okay, so I am decorating early. I had this pink tree and my ornaments were calling to it. So, I got them together. I placed a little doll that I made about 10 years ago at the bottom of it, along with a pillow that I had made. The second picture is of a Victorian lady tree topper that I also made a few years ago. I guess all this is working on my inspiration.

I am in the creating mode

I don't know if it is the fact that the Holidays are around the corner or I am just inspired. But, lately, I've been making up some new items. I hope to be in some craft shows closer to the Holidays, so I am stocking up now.

I came up with the idea of making up little sachets and trimming them with my tatting. I had all the supplies--I just needed to get them organized in my mind. I wish I could think of other things I could do with all my other thousands of supplies. I must admit that I find some inspiration on Etsy. I also get inspiration from the other blogs that I read--which include your tatting blogs, too.

In addition to selling on Etsy, I am selling on a website called "Make Mine Pink" -- . If you go to the "Boutiques" section and look for "Little Lace Lady by Linda", you will find me. I have had one sale on this site so far--hopefully, it will pick up soon because it costs me money each month. You know, when you create all these things, you either give them away or find an outlet where you can sell them, right? Well, I guess I had better get busy and start creating again. I'll let you know the next item I come up with.

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