Thursday, September 6, 2012


Lately, things are getting busier around here.  I cut back the hours at the assisted living home where I work as an activity director to only one day a week so I could do more voice and piano teaching.  I have about 30 students right now, and that keeps me hopping.  But I also have gotten busier doing my other "love" - arts and crafts. I am just taking some time out right now to let everyone know that I am still alive since I haven't posted in awhile.  I have added some pictures of new items I am making.  Just this week, I got an order for twenty--yes, twenty--tatted bracelets!  That will take me awhile.  Plus, there is a new scarf that I love making.  It is so frilly and lacy--just the style that I like.  So, I hope you enjoy my pictures.  Now, back to work . . . .  (lovin' it)

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