Monday, June 18, 2012


I am sorry I have neglected my blog for awhile.  I have another musical blog that I started and I guess I am having trouble keeping up with both blogs.  However, I have also been creating some new things along the way.  I am into designing totes and purses lately and am having fun doing it.  I always try to incorporate my tatting into what I make, and these totes are no exception.  Let me know what you  think of my new items!

 The above purse has been a very popular purchase on Etsy.  I have sold several of them to new brides for their wedding day.  I have added vintage lace that I find at antique stores, along with my tatting and handmade flower with vintage pearls.
On the above tote, I added my hand quilted pinwheel square.  I started this as a  quilt, but I guess I do not have the patience to make a whole quilt, so I decided to incorporate my quilt squares into the tote, along with my tatting.  This is much more enjoyable to make!

            This tote would look great with jeans or a summer dress!

Above, you see another one of my hand quilted squares.  These are large totes and can hold, lap top computers, iPads, books, or used as an overnight bag.

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