Monday, May 3, 2010

I have had a full musical week! I taught piano and voice all week, and sang at Elmcroft for the residents. I love to sing and play for them. They so appreciate it and just don't get to hear music unless I either make music or bring in musicians for them. They don't play the radio or have many CD's. We play music over the intercom for them during the day for atmosphere, but there's nothing like live music. On Friday, we had a "Wine Down Friday" gathering where I played the keyboards while people from outside came to mingle and visit. That went on for two hours. Then, on Saturday, we had our Spring Recital with 37 students involved. That was a big production but went very well. I had 5 students involved in that. Two of them were adults who had never performed in public, so it was a special and scary time for them. One played the piano and the other sang. They did just great! And I'm so glad they took the big step. Now, the next time, it will be easier Then, on Sunday, I had to sing a solo in two services at church. Our "band" learned the song ahead of time, so they played for me instead of my using a backing track. I enjoyed that so much more! They were wonderful to sing with.

However, I did manage to work a little on my crafts and made another pincushion, or "pinkeep" which is the new trendy word for "pincushion." So, now on to another week. God is Good!


Paula C. said...

Your pin cushions are very very pretty!

Lori said...

Linda, sorry it took me so long to get over here...LOVE how you made your pincushions or pinkeeps...the tatting is really a gorgeous touch!!!

Anonymous said...
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