Friday, February 4, 2011

Creating and Enjoying my Grandson

I'm still making my little notebook covers.  I have started making flowers to add to my pieces and they are fun to make.  All this cold and snow has made me want to just sit and tat and sew. 

 But I did have to go to my grandson's school last week to pick him up.(The picture I have included shows him taking nature pictures with his camera.)  I have to tell you a story about that.  When I walked up to his room, there were pictures all over the wall that were drawn by his class.  They were self portraits and every one was so cute.  My grandson started drawing as soon as he could hold a marker so his was very detailed, right down to the blue irises and pupils in his big eyes and his lips and teeth.  There was a question that they answered under their pictures.   It was, "When you are 100 years old, what will you be doing?"  All the answers were so cute!  I laughed and laughed.  Some said, "I'll be driving my car."  Several said, "I will be sitting and watching TV."  Of course, my grandson's was unique.  There wasn't another comment like his.  He said, "I will be very old and have lots of wrinkles."  I guess he spends too much time with his grandma :).

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