Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Clay Pendant Class

Well, our clay pendant class at Elmcroft was a great success! I had a crowd there (about 12 residents) and even the daughter and granddaughter of one of the residents came to help out! The residents loved making the pendant because they had no trouble kneeding the clay (which was good exercise for their hands) and flattening it out. Some of them wanted to make round pendants instead of square, which was fine. I prefer to let them be their creative selves instead of telling them they have to do it my way. That way they "own" it and love it even more! We made about 20 pendants all together. Some of the residents had to go to the doctor and couldn't be there, so I said we would make them one, and they were happy. I guess I will have to do another clay craft real soon. The centers of the pendants are kind of hard to see (especially in a photo on here), but that's what makes them unique. In real life, people like to peer into them and figure out what the image is in there. At Elmcroft, my residents are from 85 to 92 years old, and they did a great job!

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TattingChic said...

Those clay pendants are lovely. I'll bet the residents really enjoyed making them. :)

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