Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Wedding Album

I just thought this looked pretty. After a few years of not knowing where my wedding pictures were (a few years out of 40 years isn't bad, right?), I finally came across them, opened them up and had a good laugh. We looked so young and innocent.

So, my co-worker and I brought our pictures to work so we could share and I brought them home in a fabric bag with handles on the top, along with several music books. When I got out of the car, I was distracted by something (it doesn't take much) and left this cloth bag by the side of my car all night! During the night it rained, and rained hard for a long time. The next morning, my husband looked out the window and said, "Did you leave a bag out all night in the rain?" I about had a heart attack! My wedding pictures were in there!

I ran out and got the bag which was dripping wet, and brought it inside. I immediately got my wedding album out and it was also dripping wet. I was afraid to look inside, but I opened it up and, thankfully, the pictures were dry! The album now has a very antique look (water-stained), but my pictures still look good. I can't say the same for all my music. I just laid everything out to dry and eventually it all did. Talk about feeling really dumb! My picture was taken before the incident, so the album still looks pretty good. Just thought you'd get a laugh out of this little story.


TattingChic said...

Thank heavens the photos are all okay! Your album cover is lovely. I remember spilling water all over a paper back book once and I let the pages dry to damp and then ran and iron over each page and it looked alright after, it was never the same, but it certainly wasn't a crumpled mess, LOL!

Gina said...

Omigosh! That's MY wedding album! LOL! Seriously, the one I got from the photographer when I was first married (it would have been 40 years too, this coming August) was just like this. Our first puppy gnawed on the corner of it so it has teeth marks. - but like yours - the pics were good! I'm so glad yours were not ruined by the rain. I'm sure they would be hard to replace today.

Isdihara said...

Good gracious! I nearly had a heart attack reading your rainy story. Thank goodness the photos are alright and the music isn't a total loss.

Linda said...

Thank you all for reading my little story. Yes, I have ironed paper before, too--scrapbook paper. Yes, I am thankful that the pictures were not ruined. My daughter even suggested that I get them enlarged and enhanced. The photographers back then were not as good (or maybe it was their cameras) as today's. Mine are kind of blurry.

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