Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Crafting Away . . . .

I'm still trying to come up with new items for my upcoming craft shows. My latest is this little muslin bag. These little bags can be used for anything and I found a really good source on Etsy where I can order any quantity I want. I not only use Etsy for selling my "stuff", but I also order many supplies from that website. I can find items that I can't find locally and their prices are almost like wholesale. And I don't have to order 100 of more of anything. This time, I just ordered 25 and it was really reasonable. It's fun to explore Etsy. I have ordered everything from tatting thread, yarn, to unique beads and stones. I never make any money on Etsy, because I spend it on my supplies. But I sure am having fun. If you haven't checked Etsy out, it's fun to explore. I know that many of the other tatters sell on Etsy like I do and Etsy makes it easy. Well, now back to my tatting . . . . . have a nice weekend!!


Joansie said...

Love the bags, Linda!!!

LeAnne said...

Linda, thanks for visiting my blog! My grandmother used to tat, and I have never met anyone else who did it....she tried to teach me to no avail! These are beautiful! TFS!

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