Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a new year and we are in the middle of a cold snap. However, this week will warm up to the 50's! I can't wait! It has been 25 degrees or colder for many days now, and my heating bill is going higher and higher. I have been working on my afghan lately because I feel warmer when I crochet or knit. Don't you?? After I make my afghan, I'm going to add my tatting to it. There are not too many afghans around with tatting trim, right? Anyway, it will take me a little longer, but I am really enjoying the experience. I have been making little washcloths for awhile now and have actually used them for cleaning. They do a great job--especially on the bathroom sinks! My daughter uses them as washcloths for my grandson because they scrub really good. I gave them as gifts during the Holidays--that's what is fun about handmade items. They don't cost a lot to make and people know that you took the time to make them something instead of buying them something that they don't need.

I have included a picture of one of the cloths that I added my tatting to. I sewed all the tatting on so it is attached really well and will wash with no problem. I think they would look nice in someone's victorian bath.

I think I have a "floater" in my eye and it is bothering me at times. I hope it will go away soon--I have had it about a week. From what I hear, the older one gets, unfortunately the more eye problems one has. I hope and pray my eyes last out as long as I do. It's hard getting old, isn't it? But I have a lot to be thankful for each day and try to keep a positive attitude. Working at my assisted living home helps me tremendously with my attitude. So many of the residents have so many physical problems and they just keep going each day. I do the activities, so I help them keep moving and try to make things interesting. We are making our first quilt--I'll try to get some pictures and post them. It is a very simple quilt because many of the residents use to sew, but their eyesight and arthritis keeps them from being able to do anything complicated. I just want to get it done so they can see that they can still accomplish this. How fun!!

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