Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interesting Winter So Far

Well, a few weeks have come and gone. I posted this picture to take me back to warmer days. Hope you enjoy it. My daughter (who is a wonderful photographer) took the picture in a garden this past summer.

We had our cold snap, then a warm snap, and now we have snow! We got about 5 inches this past Friday and you would think it was 15 inches! Chattanooga was a disaster area with all the accidents and crazy drivers! There were 95 accidents within a 4 hour period and some of the accidents involved more than 20 cars! You can just imagine the good business that the body shops will be experiencing. They even said over the news that people should not even call the police unless someone is seriously hurt in an accident. Just go down to the police station on Monday and fill out the paperwork! Can you believe that? And there was not one sand truck in sight, of course.

My poor husband was stuck in all that mess. It took him over 2 hours to get home and he passed accident after accident along the way. I thank God that he was not involved in any of them. Then he got to our subdivision. We live on a hill and, of course, he could not drive up the hill. So, he parked at the bottom and had to walk more than 1/2 mile up a hill to get home. He works at a grocery store, so after a miserable day dealing with panicking customers, he had to deal with all this. But he is a strong person (since he has gotten well), so he made it.

I came home from work about 1 hour after it started snowing, so I had no problems, except with traffic. But, we are all safe and warm now and things will improve. Oh yes, half of our subdivision was out of power for the weekend, and fortunately, it wasn't our side of the street. So, that was our adventure for the week and I hope we don't have too many more of those kind. My husband and I are from the north so we should be used to this kind of weather, but when it is combined with no help from the city cleaning off the roads, I guess you could say, "everybody is just stuck."

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Ryan said...

Beautiful Picture, I can't wait to start gardening again this year.

We also go the snow here, the first real storm since I've lived here (I'm also from the North) and our street hasn't even been plowed 3 days later.

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