Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Newest ACEO

I like to add my tatting to my ACEO's for a different and unique look. It is also very dimensional which adds to the look. I have been tatting for about 12 years now and still love the process. When I feel stressed, it relaxes me. Between tatting and playing the piano, both of these soothe my troubles away. My degree is in music and I teach both voice and piano. I have found more musicians are not just talented musically, but also talented in the arts and crafts. I'm not sure why, but it must be the part of our brains that we use more. I'd love to read a study on it sometime. It would be interesting.

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TattingChic said...

I love this...mixing those media's it really sets off the tatting! Your ACEO as you call it is beautiful (I think we call them ATC's in the US, but I'm not sure what an ACEO is, but it's cute!)
I like to add tatting to my gift cards with other media. So, Lovely!
I too, tat to relieve stress.

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