Thursday, March 14, 2013

LATELY . . .

The problem I have is that I like to make lots of things.  I try to add my tatting to whatever I make but sometimes it isn't possible.  I am making things for a very cute local store and they are selling my jewelry.  So, guess what I am making?  I am also making tatted items for their new wedding line, which I love to do.  Today, I am taking some wedding items there and we shall see how they are received and if they sell.

I have also taught a tatting class there and have another class next week.  I wish more people would like to learn tatting.  Everyone always says how beautiful it is, but I guess they think it is too hard to learn.  In a way it is a good thing, because it stays a unique and beautiful craft and not everyone tries to do it, like making those popular scalloped scarves.  :).   I have made those also--about  40 of them--and sold them all at that little shop.  But lately, the yarn has gotten much more expensive and very scarce.  I think I have spent more time looking for specific colors than I have knitting the scarves.  Are these scarves popular where you live?  Anyway, I need to get back to tatting.  Although, I did sell two tatted bracelets last week on my Etsy site.  They were for little girls ages 8 and 10.  I sure hope I made them small enough for their little arms.  Well, I need to go and finish up my items for my wedding line.  I will be back!

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Jane McLellan said...

Yes, they're popular here in South Africa too, though I suppose they're a bit faddish and will disappear after a while. Well done for selling so much, it's not easy to sell handwork.

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