Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am having fun lately working on a new wedding line for Little Lace Lady by Linda.  A local store has asked me to create pieces for a line for their store and I am coming up with all kinds of ideas.  My latest is a bridal purse to add to my other purses.  Each purse is one of a kind because I use vintage lace and each lace is different.  Much of the lace is hand made and I add my tatting to the items and it seems to blend very well.  I am also going to work on jewelry to go with the line for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.  They will be pearls combined with other beautiful beads.  Hopefully, this will all work together.  I just created a wedding album (and I have added pictures of it on here) and am working on a larger version with a pen attached.  I will let you know my progress and show pictures as I complete my line.  I am also putting these items on Etsy.  Just having fun in the winter months!

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Karen said...

I enjoy seeing your lovely creations. Karen in OR

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