Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Youtube Videos

I have enjoyed putting new videos on Youtube for everyone to view.  I have some of my singing and some of my crafts.  My latest one is a compilation of my tatting projects over the past few years  I always  try to come up with a new way to use my tatting.  That is the challenge for me.  I can't handle the big tatting projects like doilies and tablecloths.  I wish I could, but I mostly want instant gratification when it comes to creating.  

My video has the wonderful arrangement of "Amazing Grace - My Chains Are Gone".  I am trying to become better in my computer skills in my old age.  If you would like to go to my Youtube Channel, you can reach it by doing the following:

1.  Bring up Youtube in the search engine.
2.  Type in "Linda Price" in the Youtube search.
3.  Look for the pretty butterfly video under Linda Price-that's me!
4.  Click on that video (it is my singing rendition of "Yesterday") and you can view it.  Look above the video and you will see all 11 of my videos.  Click that on and they will all come up.
 I hope you enjoy the video and maybe you can get some ideas from it to use in your creations!


Pat Winter said...

Hi Linda,Your tatting is beautiful. Of course you can be featured in Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine anytime. Just email your 300 dpi images and article, bio, or anything you want to share by Jan 1st and you can be in the Spring 2012 issue.

Maria Veigman said...

your work give a lot of inspiration!
Tatting lace so delicate and beautiful

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