Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Card Making Success!!

I think I told you all that I am an Activity Director at an assisted living home.  We have had some fun lately making greeting cards.  We have a group of ladies who are members of the "Gracious Ladies Club" and they decided they wanted to open a general store a couple of days a week for the residents.  One thing we decided to do was to make greeting cards and sell them for $1.00 each so both the residents and the staff could get some nice cards when they need them.  I decided to set up our class near the front door so people who came through could see what we were doing.  I told the ladies that they could sell the cards as we made them, if they wanted to.  And sell they did!  The first class, we sold $50 worth of cards--which means we made 50+ cards and just about sold out.  We had another class the next week in the same spot and sold $30 more!  Plus, we have sold $20 worth to the Marketing Department.   (We are having a Fashion Show in April and she wanted 20 cards with dresses on them--too cute!)   So, that makes $80 we have made on our cards so far!  Those ladies are so excited about this--but I'm even more excited because I am making more money for my budget!!  Yey!  I have posted the cards we are making.  They are just simple--I stamp them and they color them with colored pencils, and then I add glitter glue.  We are also using my dress stamp that I designed and are making all kinds of dresses out of it.  I sign them on the back - "Handmade by Ladies of Elmcroft".  Everybody loves them!  Hope you do, too!  Oh, I have another class on Tuesday.  Wonder how much we will sell??  If you are interested in any of them, just let me know.  

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