Friday, September 17, 2010

"Baby Sleeping" Pillow

Yet another item where I added my tatting--this time, to a little "Baby Sleeping" pillow. This is so fun. I just love to find and make things to "dress up" with tatting. However, it's just a few weeks until the weather starts to cool and it will be time to bring out the knitting and crocheting again. I love all the variety of things I can use as my "therapy."


Joansie said...

Linda, the pillow is absolutely gorgeous!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You and I definitely have similar ideas! I have decorated a few 'puffy' hearts like this many years ago, and also added ribbons and silk flowers as you do!

If only I had the energy I could have lots of 'inventory' for the fairs at which our group demos (and sells). However, the ambition I used to have went out the window when i went back to work in 1996, even though it was only for two years, and I never regained my momentum. But I always enjoyed making Victorian styled things.

I know you had a shop, and I can't imagine how your kept enough inventory!

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