Saturday, July 3, 2010

On The Mend!

Well, I went back to work last week and it's good to be busy again! You know, it seems that when we are busy, we dream of not having anything to do and just taking it easy. But I found out that I can't stand to sit around the house and do nothing. It was depressing and I had nothing to talk about at the end of the day. CNN and all the other news programs were getting on my nerves, and I can't watch movies one after another. I tried to clean house one-handed, but did like half a job at it. The one thing I did enjoy, though, was reading all the wonderful blogs on the internet. I have added several more favorites to my list during the past few weeks.

This last Tuesday at work, I played the piano for the residents for one hour, and 20 songs later, my wrist did not feel bad at all and all my fingers were working! I was so happy. I still have problems moving my wrist back and forth and sideways, but I am taking some physical therapy that hopefully will take care of that. Anyway, I am in a better place now and each day, I see improvement. I am back tatting again and working on some more boxes. I still have to get ready for craft shows during the holidays. Thanks for all your prayers and remembering me and all your kind comments.


Honey Lamb and I said...

Hope the physical therapy keeps helping. I am with you on looking at blogs! I can spend many of hours that I should be getting other thing done but on the computer looking at blogs! have a great 4th and good luck at your shows! ~Shelley O.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Linda!

I just discovered you broke your wrist!! I can empathize because I broke both my wrists ice skating 8 years ago (age 58!). The casts were in an L-shape over the elbows which didn't allow me to feed myself -although I found a way - long story). However, I did NOT need an operation (grateful for that!).

I just now remembered that I didn't have the internet OR cable TV back in 2002, and I pushed the remote for the 'analog' TV with my toes! I used the 'speaker phone' feature - couldn't hold the phone to my ear. However I could type s-l-o-w-l-y on the computer!

I've always been impressed with your tatting, your ideas (we seem to be on the same "Victorian" track!), and your amazing output - AND you had a shop!

PLUS you work at an Assisted Living home, similar to one my MIL is in. The staff there is amazing, just like you are. You seem to be a combination of 'our' Activities Director AND the gal who plays piano for special events (she's the Admissions Dir.)!

I'm IMPRESSED you're playing the piano so soon! I play also, but NOT professionally, and it took me several MONTHS to get back up to speed.
[I've always wondered how left-handers play the melody with their right (weaker?) hand!]

How did the gorgeous sparkly cast survive?

Hope you're having a good 4th !!

agasunset said...

I love your boxes, they are so romantic. I didn't know you're a pianist? Hmmmm... I play a little too, shhh

Pam said...

Your little boxes and tatting in the pic look beautiful Linda. You do such lovely work, and you weren't kidding when you said you were into little boxes! But your's look so much better than mine do! :))
I kept meaning to ask how your arm was doing, but of course would always forget. So glad you're doing so much better now and able to play your music. Must be heaven to your ears!
Did your daughter ever do anything about an etsy store for the glitzy arm casts?? Think you said she was quite busy with work.
Thanks for dropping by with your lovely comment too. Take care. :)

Countrygal said...

Hi Linda, your boxes and tatted lace (?) in the pictures are just so lovely and I do hope you are feeling well now. Have a great weekend!

TypsTatting said...

Love the boxes and the tatting hope your arm is much better now!

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