Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, yesterday was such a beautiful day (in the 60's) that I thought I would change my background to match! I hope we are just not being teased with this weather and then get some snow and cold weather again. This makes me want to get into some new crafts and create something different. Maybe I'll start making some greeting cards again and add my tatting to them.

I have decided to start teaching tatting again at my local Hobby Lobby. They make it so easy to get a class going. They don't charge anything to use their classroom and I can pick a day to demonstrate out in their lobby. I plan to set up a table with many of my tatted samples laid out for people to see, and simply sit in a chair and tat. I have always been able to get some students that way. I really like to teach--it's fun seeing someone's excitement when they learn something new. Anyway, that's my plan and I'll let you know how it all comes out. I figured if I tell you all that I'm going to do it, I will actually do it. Here's hoping I get some students . . . .


❦TattingChic said...

Someone just picked up my box I purchased from you and asked if I made that and I said no that I bought it from someone. I did think of you. It was actually last night.
Anyway, thanks for coming over to join my blogoversary party and I'm happy for you and your friend Michelle and that you can have Tatting Parties! How fun! I used to have tatting parties with my friend but she has gone on to knitting...sniff's like instant know! LOL!

Linda said...

Oh, I wish you lived in Humble, TX and I could come to your class at that Hobby Lobby! I love tatting! Wish I could do it.

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