Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Music

I guess you have figured out that I also like music. I majored in Music in college and have been involved in it all of my life as either a singer, a teacher or a choir director. I was in a southern gospel quartet and we recorded a CD a year ago. I put some of the songs on Myspace and if you want to listen to them, you can go to If anyone can help me put one of the songs on my Blog, I would really appreciate it. Do any of you know how to do this? Let me list this address again separately, so it is clearer.

For those of you who like folk music, I am also in another group called Skygarden. Their address is:

I have loved being in these groups and am now in another group called The Choo Choo Chicks. We will be putting some of our music on YouTube soon. This is a trio and we do the old songs like "Mr. Sandman", "Sincerely", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", and "Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy."

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