Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Thoughts

I recently had a birthday and it was a milestone. Why? Because, this year I get to collect Social Security!! Yes, I will still continue to work my part-time job and teach voice and piano, and now I will get an additional little income each month. That is a really good feeling, looking at today's economy. You know, we put in all these years of working for others and it does eventually pay off. It seems that at this time of my life, I can pick and choose more freely what I enjoy doing. I have a wonderful grandson that I love to be with and I have my arts and crafts that I love doing. What could be more perfect? Are any of you at this point in your lives? Are you enjoying it more? It's fun to share our feelings at different stages of our lives. I know, I have all the aches and pains of getting older. In fact, my husband is really sick right now and he's never been sick in all our 40 years of marriage. We are praying that the doctors will figure out what is wrong and that God will heal him. So, life has it's good and bad. But we'll get through this. I think our attitudes have a lot to do with how we cope with what goes on in our lives. I just wanted to share some of my feelings with you today and feel free to share your's with me. Have a great day!

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